Baking in English

Since I published my first post in German yesterday, I figured it would only be fair to have another one in English.

I’d love to make this Baking-Blog a bilingual one. However, I think it’s pretty confusing if I translated every single German paragraph right in that post. And  I will surely have a lot of fun creating my recipes in English as well and posting them in extra blog posts – maybe on another page on here….we’ll see.

Also I was talking about my teacher yesterday. Truth is, I’m taking a seminar on British Drama and have to hand in a term paper in a couple of weeks … so she advised us to start writing right away. To get into the flow 😉 I’m not sure if blogging about my addiction to cakes and everything sweet will improve my abilities in writing scholarly papers …. buut I’ll try to write myself into this flow.

I’ve started a couple of projects before. Blogging about sewing, about my travels after graduation and with my mom I actually started the blog „petitLove²„.

Well … it actually ended up being her blog. And oh man – she is CREATIVE. No lie about that. She comes up with so many different ideas making bracelets and lettering and knitting and sewing and crocheting …. you don’t even know. Not to mention: she is an elementary school teacher … nowadays she still has four kids at home to care for and looks amazing. I mean … REALLY!? I just hope some of these incredible genes wore off on me lol

However, what she does not do is … baking 🙂

That was supposed to be my contribution to the blog. The thing is, it is not even that easy to combine two different kinds of posting. I’m really engaging in social media. And I love to share stories (even though I don’t even know if these are worth reading…). But whenever I start writing a blog post, I just go on … I guess it’s a generational thing.

She, on the other hand, is all about posting pictures. Sure, a picture says more than a thousand words. But I think, the great thing about blogs is the fact that you can share things. That you get to know the person behind it.

So ya…besides all that, I just „launched“ my new Facebook-page @tinassuesskram a couple weeks back and I realized that if I really wanna make it I gotta start a blog. Create recipes. Learn how to take proper food-pictures. Engage more in social media.

And I’m really excited about this new project!!

And I’m sure I will grow. Where some of you might think now „I kinda don’t like her style of writing“ or „do less of this and more of that“ …. I will be so greatful for any kind of feedback. For responses. For followers. Exchange ideas. Profit from each other. Make new friends 🙂 So if you would like to become a part of this journey, of this adventure, stay tuned and follow me!!  ❤

I still have to think about an adequate saying to conclued my posts … Like all these reporters …. maybe I should rephrase „And this is how the cookie crumbles…“ lol 😀 (btw I love that movie …)

Until I find a cute little saying – let me say it in German:

süße Grüße ❤




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