About writing papers, Jane, and Popcorn

❤ Hello everyone

To warn you… this is no real baking post … But the thing is: I had a baking-free weekend and this week also started off to be so busy!!! You won’t even believe it…doctors‘ appointments on Monday, work and school until late yesterday and today (actually I am sitting in my university’s library right now 😀 ) …. so not so much time or energy for baking.

That’s why I wanted to talk about something else. But it still has some kind of reference to my passion in the kitchen ….

I must admit – I am ADDICTED to TV shows….okay – seriously – who of us girls has never seen GILMORE GIRLS before!?

I have always dreamed about working at Lorelai’s Inn, cooking or baking with Sookie or make delicious cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for Luke’s Diner. Having sleepover parties with the Gilmore Girls, preparing sweet tables for them, drive in Lorelai’s Jeep, share a joke or two with her about Michele … Oh my … I was so sad when I finished the last season.

Then there is NCIS.

The special relationship between Gibbs and Abbey, Ducky’s stories with his British accent…Tony, McGee, and of course Ziva….oh I miss her. All the anaylizing and mystery. I will never get tired of watching it.

Oh oh oh and something my boyfriend introduced me to: THE MENTALIST

uuuuh I love Jane and Lisbon and the hunt after Red John. So fascinating. I was – ***spoiler*** – still so into it when that case was over and they started working for the FBI. I think the producer managed what a lot of other shows fail to do: even though the original main story line is finished it still continues to be interesting enough to continue.

And there are so many more lol … House, Once upon a time, One Tree Hill, …

Alright, alright … I also know that TV shows can be a nice and often welcome distraction when you have to study or write papers lol BUT actually I wanted to say: I’m so addicted to TV shows – I even continue watching them when I’m baking.

Not always. But every once in a while. When I’m not in a hurry.

Sometimes I listen to music. Often I dance around the kitchen.

But sometimes I’m so concentrated that I don’t need anything around to entertain me. I think that actually is my favorite style of baking. Because then I’m so into baking that I can really relax and calm down. I forget everything around me. I get lost in time.

Somtimes thinking about the complexity of a recipe makes me scared to even start because I just wanna be lazy sometimes. But as soon as I start I wanna do it as best as I can and when that happens baking makes me so happy. I’ll try a little scoup here, experiment a little there, and I’m in my own little baking bubble.

How about you guys? How do you create this baking atmosphere? Are you multitaskers? Does it depend?

I’m excited to hear from you!! 🙂

Oh … and since I don’t wanna leave without any kind of recipe and we talked about TV shows, I just wanna quickly give you an easy-peasy recipe for a relaxing TV-show-session on the couch:

not-microwaved 😉 POPCORN

You’ll need: 

  • Popcorn kernels (for Germans, I mostly buy the ones from Seeberger)
  • Oil or butter
  • salt/powdered sugar
  • pot with a lit


This is how you do it: 

  • Put the pot onto the stove (at medium heat) cover the bottom with oil (just a thin layer) and put three popcorn kernels inside.
  • Close the lit and wait until all three kernels have popped – now the oil is hot enough
  • Take the popped ones out and cover the bottom with new kernels
  • Close the lit again and let it stay there for about 30 sec until the kernels start popping.
  • Turn the heat down and flip the pot over to mix the kernels – I always place a towl on the lit from one handle to the other to hold the lit down and prevent the hot oil from being spilled
  • Put back on stove, let it stay there for some seconds and mix again. Repeat until you don’t hear it popping anymore
  • Now you can add salt or powdered sugar as you like it and mix it properly.


I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures for you yet as I’m sitting in the library and I just thought of this recipe … but I will definitely take some pictures to make it more clear. 🙂


Alright, now that I have spent quite some time blogging, I better get back to working on my papers … 🙂 And don’t hesitate to destract me by leaving a comment about your favorite destraction or your TV-show addiction (or about anything else 😉 )

Süße Grüße ❤



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  1. I love gilmore girls too! The dialogues are so different than in other series. I can’t wait for the sequel! Have you ever watched asian dramas? They seriously make you addicted 😉 On viki.com are a lot of translated chinese, korean, thai etc. dramas if you want to check some out.

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